Who Are We?

An outclassed production company, passionately driven to create outstanding content for OTT, television, and films. Estrella Stories nurtures in building a creative community of writers, directors, and filmmakers. Aspired to produce entertaining content for the Indian market, we work with the finest home-grown talent that delivers good quality content. Celebrating over 4 years in business, Estrella Stories has been a leader in family entertainment, producing a wide variety of television serials for all leading channels in the south, now focussing on the OTT market and aspire to be a leader in the coming years.

Our Business



MOVIES – 10%

  1. Year 2018


    The story of a young girl who turns herself to a strong woman taking ahead her father’s lineage.

    When a young village girl decides to carry her father's lineage in Tamil martial art form, Silambam, she's met with society's rigid opinions and orthodox thinking. But she's not the one to give up easily. With a bamboo stick in one hand, watch Velunachi strike hard against all social prejudices to make her father proud in this inspirational drama.

    Velunatchi, a first Tamil soap opera which focused on Silambam, (Silambam is a weapon-based martial art of India).

  2. Year 2019


    A romatic thriller narrating the conflicts of human emotions into the everyday life of a couple.

    A compelling tale of mystery and love
    A captivating new show Malar that showcases conflicting emotions of newlyweds Malar and Kadhir as they begin their life on a mysterious note. With Kadhir learning more about his wife every day, the show journeys through Malar’s attempts at protecting herself from being handcuffed by her husband. is backed by a strong cast

  3. Year 2020

    Idhayathai Thirudathe

    " A couple compelled to get married who are poles apart."

    Sahana and Shiva are poles apart and from different walks of life. But an accidental misunderstanding between the two triggers off a political war, one in which Sahana and Shiva not only become pawns, but are also forced to get married. What does fate hold in store for them? Find out now.



Our creative team makes it beautiful; our execution team makes it functional; and our philosophy makes it great!


We playfully explore and apply new ideas, transforming challenges into engaging and memorable experiences and bring a fresh perspective, complete with classic training and modern know-how.


Passion for creativity, professionalism and integrity in our approach, superior excellence in our outputs.