Completed Projects

MALAR, a romatic thriller narrating the conflicts of human emotions into the everyday life of a couple.

A compelling tale of mystery and love

A captivating new show Malar that showcases conflicting emotions of newlyweds Malar and Kadhir as they begin their life on a mysterious note. With Kadhir learning more about his wife every day, the show journeys through Malar’s attempts at protecting herself from being handcuffed by her husband. is backed by a strong cast

Velunatchi, a first Tamil soap opera which focused on Silambam, (Silambam is a weapon-based martial art of India).

The story of a young girl who turns herself to a strong woman taking ahead her father’s lineage.But life takes troll on Velunachi when her father becomes physically challenged after an incident. ThusVelunachi turns a major support to her father in this toughest time. Velunachi takes up a challenge to break the social orthodox and become a silambam artist like her father. The critical incident which made her father paralyzed, changes Velunachi’s whole life upside down. Velunachi takes a firm decision to fight back the social critics and become a proud silambam artist taking ahead her father’s lineage. Holding a bamboo stick in hand with a fierce look in eyes, Velunachi begins her fight to make her father proud.

Tragedy strikes at what should have been a happy proposal party, when a murder occurs. But who did it?